Bra and swimwear shopping can be overwhelming. We aim to to change that. Le Boudoir’s Bra Fitters greet all women with warmth and compassion.  We take pride in offering exceptional customer service to each and every customer, every day! Working intimately through the fitting room experience, and sharing their knowledge, and guidance. Being a part of that “Oh my Gosh” moment  when you find bra or swimsuit that fits makes it all worth it. Le Boudoir strives to celebrate women; their strength, uniqueness, and beauty.

2012 recipient of the Best of Intima’s Choice Award
2013 recipient of the St. John’s Board of Trade Business Excellence Award: Leader in Growth and Sales







We carry various brands ranging in sizes from A to N cup and 28 to 50 band sizes. We believe that bras should fit perfectly, so if alterations are needed they are complimentary. Our common alterations are band size reduction, strap reduction, and adding pockets to hold a shaping insert or prosthesis.


Every woman deserves a professional bra fitting and it’s the easiest way to find bras that fit you perfectly. Shopping with us is easy and enjoyable!If you’ve shopped with us before, we can guide you based on the styles, colours, and sizes that you have purchased in the past. If you haven’t shopped with us before and want to know your size, please call us at 709-739-8087 or 709-576-2001. Remember, we offer free shipping within Canada.